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Zolotoi Vek
HalvahJams, Halvah make also: TM Dary Laniv TM Den Varenya TM Dobrym Ludyam TM Gaisin TM Mavlin TM Shpola TM Veres TM Zdorova Rodyna
Sunflower seedsSunflower seeds make also: TM Batica TM Semechek Stakan TM Semki
Diabetic products Diabetic products make also: TM AVK TM Gaisin TM Zolotiye Koroli Kharkovskaya confectionary factory TM Zhitomirskiye Lasoschi TM Yasen

TM Zolotoi Vek

Diaberic Halvah, Halvah usual
Peanuts kozinaki, Roasted sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds kozinaki

The name of productionunits per
"Zolotoi Vek"   Diaberic Halvah on sorbite 250 g20 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Diabetic Halvah5 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah "Chocoladnaya" 230 g18 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah "Fantasiya" in chocolate coating 470 g20
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah "Fantasiya"5 kg
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah "Fantaziya" 270 g20
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah "Molochnaya" 230 g4 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah "Nezhnost' " 5 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah vanilla 230 g18 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah vanilla 270 g20
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah vanilla 360 g12
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah vanilla 550 g8 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah vanilla5 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah vanilla5 kg
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah with cocoa, walnuts, dried apricots 270 g20 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah with coconuts in chocolate coating 470 g20 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah with dried apricots 5 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah with peanuts 5 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah with peanuts and raisins 360 g12 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah with penuts and raisins 270 g20
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah with raisins 360 g12 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Halvah with walnuts 360 g8 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Peanuts kozinaki with dried apricots4 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Peanuts kozinaki with raisins4 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Peanuts kozinaki4 kg
"Zolotoi Vek"   Roasted sunflower seeds 70 g80 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Sunflower seeds kozinaki with dried apricots3 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Sunflower seeds kozinaki with raisins3 kg 
"Zolotoi Vek"   Sunflower seeds kozinaki3 kg
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