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Zdorova Rodyna
SyrupsJams, Halvah make also: TM Dary Laniv TM Den’ Varenya TM Dobrym Ludyam TM Gaisin TM Mavlin TM Shpola TM Veres TM Zolotoi Vek

TM Zdorova Rodyna

Syrups in assortment

The name of productionunits per
̉̀ "Zdorova Rodyna"   Cherry syrup 330 g20 
̉̀ "Zdorova Rodyna"   Strawberry syrup 330 g 20 
̉̀ "Zdorova Rodyna"   Raspberry syrup 330 g 20 
̉̀ "Zdorova Rodyna"   Black currant syrup 330 g20 
̉̀ "Zdorova Rodyna"   Hip, hawthorn syrup 250 g24 
̉̀ "Zdorova Rodyna"   Hip, mint, ekhinatseya syrup 250 g24 
̉̀ "Zdorova Rodyna"   Hip syrup 250 g 24 
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