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Juices, glass jarJuices and nectars make also: OBFC TM Biola TM Bon Kherson TM Chumak TM Dary Laniv TM Dobriy TM Jaffa TM Jungle Way TM Kvant TM Moya Semya TM Mriya TM Rich TM Ridna Marka TM Smak TM Soki Ukraini TM Sokovyta TM Vinnifruit

TM Vladam

Natural juices, glass jar

The name of productionunits per
TM "Vladam"   Apricot-carrot juice 1,85 l2
TM "Vladam"   Apple-carrot juice 1,85 l6
TM "Vladam"   Orange-carrot juice 1,85 l6 
TM "Vladam"   Carrot juice 1,85 l6 
TM "Vladam"   Tomato juice 1,95 l6 
TM "Vladam"   Tomato juice 3 l4
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