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Images of productions of trade mark Princess Kandi
TeaTea, Coffee, Coffee drinks make also: TM Akbar, TM Batic TM Chernaya Karta, TM Davidoff, TM Domashniy, TM Ecoproduct, TM Edems, TM Elite-fort, TM Galka, TM Impra, TM Jacobs, TM Maiskiy Chai TM Milagro, ÒÌ Nescafe, TM Princess Gita, TM Princess Noori, TM Princess Yava, TM Riston, TM Tchibo

TM Princess Kandi

tea, tea-bags

The name of productionunits per
Tea "Princess Kandi" 100 tea-bags*2 g16
Tea "Princess Kandi" 25 tea-bags*2 g32  
Tea "Princess Kandi" 25 tea-bags*2 g64  
Tea "Princess Kandi" ekhinatseya 90 g120 
Tea "Princess Kandi" forest berry 24 tea-bags*1,5 g36
Tea "Princess Kandi" karkade 90 g120 
Tea "Princess Kandi" lemon 24 tea-bags*1,5 g 36
Tea "Princess Kandi" medium 180 g16
Tea "Princess Kandi" medium 45 g192 
Tea "Princess Kandi" medium 90 g30  
Tea "Princess Kandi" melissa 90 g120 
Tea "Princess Kandi" mint 90 g 120 
Tea "Princess Kandi" raspberry 24 tea-bags*1,5 g 36
Tea "Princess Kandi" strawberry 24 tea-bags*1,5 g 36
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