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Same Toi
PreservationPreservation make also: TM Bon Kherson TM Chumak TM Dary Laniv TM Gaisin TM Goldi TM Gospodarochka TM Karpaty TM Nezhin TM Sun Mille TM Veres

TM Same Toi

Preservation Vegetable

The name of productionunits per
TM "Same Toi"   Assorti Bukovinskoye (tomatoes, sweet pepper) 1450 g6
TM "Same Toi"   Beans in chilli-sauce 450 g12 
TM "Same Toi"   Beans in sauce 450 g12 
TM "Same Toi"   Beans with mushrooms and vegetables 450 g12 
TM "Same Toi"   Eggplant in adjika 430 g12
TM "Same Toi"   Eggplant paste 440 g12
TM "Same Toi"   Eggplants with garlic 430 g6
TM "Same Toi"   Eggplants with vegetables 430 g12
TM "Same Toi"   Lecho 660 g6
TM "Same Toi"   Marinated sliced squash 420 g12 
TM "Same Toi"   Marinated sliced zucchini 420 g12
TM "Same Toi"   Marinated sweet pepper 650 g 6  
TM "Same Toi"   Marinated tomatoes 840 g 6
TM "Same Toi"   Marinated tomatoes in tomato suace 840 g 12 
TM "Same Toi"   Marinated tomatoes in tomato suace 840 g6
TM "Same Toi"   Marinated tomatoes-cherry 660 g6
TM "Same Toi"   Marinated tomatoes-cherry 450 g 12
TM "Same Toi"   Marinated zucchini 480 g12
TM "Same Toi"   Matinated tomatoes 1450 g6
TM "Same Toi"   Pickles 3-5 sm 440 g 12
TM "Same Toi"   Pickles 7-9 sm 1450 g6
TM "Same Toi"   Pickles 5-7 sm 670 g12
TM "Same Toi"   Pickles 840 g6
TM "Same Toi"   Zucchini paste 440 g12
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