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TM Zlatomed

Acacia honey, Multi-flower honeycomb, Buckwheat honey, Meadow honey, Steppe honey

The name of productionunits per
Acacia honey 170 g12 
Acacia honey 480 g12 
Acacia honey 650 g6 
Acacia honey 700 g6 
Multi-flower honeycomb 170 g12 
Multi-flower honeycomb 480 g12 
Multi-flower honeycomb 650 g6 
Buckwheat honey 1350 g 4 
Buckwheat honey 170 g12 
Buckwheat honey 2,5 kg plastic pail2 
Buckwheat honey 4,5 kg plastic pail1 
Buckwheat honey 480 g12 
Buckwheat honey 650 g6 
Buckwheat honey 700 g6 
Meadow honey 1350 g4 
Meadow honey 170 g12 
Meadow honey 2,5 kg plastic pail2 
Meadow honey 4,5 kg plastic pail1 
Meadow honey 480 g12 
Meadow honey 650 g6 
Meadow honey 700 g6 
Steppe honey 1350 g4 
Steppe honey 170 g 12 
Steppe honey 2,5 kg plastic pail2 
Steppe honey 4,5 kg plastic pail1 
Steppe honey 480 g12 
Steppe honey 650 g6 
Steppe honey 700 g6 
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