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Company “Ltd Biona Plus“ is a large wholesale supplier of food products from Ukraine to foreign countries since 2000.

We collect mixed containers and arrange all the necessary export-import documentation.

We are the exportes of the leading Ukrainian brands to the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and others.

We are interested in establishing business relationships with our foreign partners and we are ready to supply a great spectrum of services in exporting of foods.
Курс НБУ

Production of the Ukrainian enterprises strictly corresponds
to the international standards of quality.
The majorities of the domestic enterprises are certificated in such systems as ISO 9001, HASP and UKRSEPRO
and are completely ready to promotion in WTO


Date: 24.06.2009

We have pleasure to offer our visitors the expanded assortment of company "VERES".

Now you can choose and compare also sauces, ketchups, mustard.


Date: 17.06.2009

The assortment of products of the Kharkov confectionery factory offered by us for wholesale deliveries, has increased by 29 positions.

Have appeared

elite assortments chocolates,
souvenir sets,
sets of chocolates of a premium-class,
sweets chocolate a premium-class weight
and new kinds of chocolate.

Some sets are supplied by the help information .

Welcome to a page of the Kharkov confectionery factory !


Date: 10.03.2009

Has replenished our distributor list. Company "Biona Plus Ltd" offer new trade marks for export of food stuffs abroad:

ТМ Narzan   (Soda water)
ТМ TM Bon Boisson   (Soda water, Beverages)
TM Dar Solnts   (Sunflower Oil)
ТМ 7 DAYS   (Croissants, Cakes, Rolls)
ТМ Nestle    (Chocolate sweets)
ТМ Nescafe    (Instant coffee ).


Date: 01.03.2009


There were novelties в in ТМ Runa  —  Group Sauces.
We offer ТМ
(It is the incomplete list)

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